Art of the Pie – Giving Me Inspiration

I was feeling a little sad towards the end of last year, mostly because I knew that we would not be able to add a commercial kitchen onto our home as I had hoped. I had put so much work into the planning process over these past five years, and I was pretty much spent by the end of last year. It was the first time I was glad to see the holidays over and done with, but it was also a rude awakening that this is life, and you have to get back on the horse! Some people may not agree with me, but I really do believe that things happen for a reason. (more…)

Nothing Says Home Comfort Like Chicken Pot Pie!

My inspiration today comes from a surprise magazine subscription to Cook’s Country that my mom gave to me last month. She knows how much I love looking at baking recipes not only in my large selection of cookbooks, but magazines too!

Chicken Pot Pie #2

After receiving my first issue last week and scanning through the magazine several times, I decided that yesterday was the perfect day to make Chicken Pot Pie! It was rainy and cold yesterday, so what better comfort food than a flaky pie crust filled with a savory filling to warm one’s tummy! It’s the kind of comfort food that takes you back in time. (more…)