Aunt Elsie’s Soda Cracker Lemon Torte

We just had our Annual Johnson Family Reunion this past weekend. By my sister’s count, we had a total of 45 family members. That’s a pretty good number! There is no doubt that us Johnson’s like food! No Johnson reunion would be complete without all those memorable potluck dishes, and too many to list.

I have always been amazed with three picnic tables full of food, from casseroles, salads, and desserts, that no one makes the same thing! How does that happen? There’s always so much to choose from, so I can’t help myself from taking a tablespoon of this and a tablespoon of that.


Apple Cheddar Scones

We’re already into the first part of June, and I couldn’t help but think about the fall season as I happened upon some Smitten apples at our local grocery store. This got me to thinking about fall and the bounty of apples to be picked at local apple orchards and making apple pie. But it’s only June and somehow it’s not time for me to make apple pie. I know that seems awkward, but I associate apple pie with the fall, as one associates hot dogs with a ball game. Okay, that’s probably not the best reference, but I think you get my drift! (more…)

Rich Chocolate Brownies

So what is it about brownies that most everyone loves? For starters, they’re fairly easy to make, easily transported to picnics, parties, on hiking and biking trips, and you can find them in most cafes and bakeries. (more…)

Cordon Rose Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

My Dad celebrated his 86th birthday this past Saturday, May 21st! You see that smile on his face? Well he is that happy person every day! As long as I can remember back to my young years, my Dad starts every day with that smile. He is the sweetest and most caring person, and I’m so fortunate to call him my dad! (more…)

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

I absolutely love coffee cake in any way, shape or form! Whether it is baked in a 9 x 13, bundt or springform pan. There are just so many flavor combinations to choose from! I’m especially fond of one recipe I found on Allrecipes for Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake several years ago. It’s really easy to make, bakes up beautifully and best of all, tastes amazing! I always get rave reviews every time I make it. (more…)

Daffodil Cake

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Spring time than baking Aunt Elsie’s Daffodil Cake! As with any recipe, especially those passed down in the family, there is always a little story to tell.


Good Buns

Soon it will be Spring, which means it’s grilling time! One of my favorite foods to grill is hamburgers. I like to keep it simple. Quality meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and most importantly, a really good bun!  (more…)

Peanut Butter Cookies

You’ve probably seen many times when surfing the Internet for cookie recipes, everyone claiming to have the best cookie ever! I’ve tried many peanut butter cookie recipes over the years, and I always come back to this one. In fact, these cookies are so good, that when I sent a care package home with my son, my daugther-in-law said, “what cookies”! Yup, he ate them all, and he loves these! (more…)

Rye Crackers

Rye Crackers

Whether they’re round, square, oval or rustic style, crackers are the perfect snack and pairing with a simple soup, a platter of cheese, fruit and nuts, or just to eat out of hand. I think you will agree these are better than the boxed version you buy at the store! (more…)

Pumpkin Cranberry Raisin Pecan Yeast Bread

I consider myself to be a pretty down to earth person when it comes to grocery shopping and I watch our pennies, so I was pretty excited a couple of weeks ago, when our local supermarket in town had bags of fresh cranberries on sale for .99 cents! I love cranberries, so I knew I would find something to make with them, but I didn’t want to make cranberry quick bread. I wanted a yeast bread that could be made and baked the same day, not too sweet and had a nice soft texture. So in the freezer the cranberries went and I began my search! (more…)