My Baking Journey Continues!


We’re back! Before getting into this post, just wanted to let you know that we have updated our website just ‘a little’, as our business moves forward. I’m still working on a post for “People, Books & Places”, so hang with me! Another change is that I won’t be posting as many recipes, as time just doesn’t allow for it right now, and in all honesty, I would rather be baking!  

There has been a lot of excitement lately in our household, sandwiched between a mixed bag of emotions; frustrations, challenges, sleepless nights, and me second guessing myself to take the next step. I don’t know what I would do without my faithful hubby, Dale. He always knows what to say when I’m feeling happy or sad, and he’s always by my side with encouraging words to take that next step.

Many of you already know how deep my baking obsession is, and my passion for baking is not something that just happened overnight. The fire was lit 43 years ago, at the young age of 12. Yes, I’m 55! The pictures in this post are a bit grainy. No, they are not pictures of me! They are pictures of our daughter, spending time down on the farm, just like I used to do. Anywhere there were animals, that’s where you would find Jenny, and she’s just as much of an animal love today, as she was back then.

Elsie and Julie were dedicated to their farm. No matter who came to visit or stay for a night or weeks at a time, they always made time for you and made you feel at home. Elsie and Julie have passed on, but all the memories made on the farm, will be forever engrained in me. (more…)

Where It All Started!

I thought it was only fitting to start with this picture of me that was taken on Aunt Elsie and Uncle Julie’s farm. I always looked forward to visiting the farm, and I was especially excited when it came time for our summer break from school. That’s when we got to go and stay with Elsie and Julie. It was on this very farm that I fell in love with baking!