Here we are in the first week of April, and we’re almost ready to begin our kitchen renovation before the end of this month!

When we first started this project, we knew that we needed to find an Interior Designer. It just so happened through casual conversation one day, that a friend of mine, Christie Thompson, owner of Function by Design, mentioned to me that she would love to help us with our project. I was so fortunate to have met Christie about 5 years ago, and I also worked with her in the Consumer Use Lab at Sub Zero Wolf.

Just to share a little about Christie with you. She studied Interior Design at Harrington College of Design (Chicago, IL) with an emphasis on Kitchen and Bath Design.  She has 8 years of design experience and has an innate passion for making beautiful spaces! Christie made every step along the way of designing our kitchen, a pleasant and fun experience. She brought her attention to detail and fresh ideas that would make our space functional to handle the rigors of a small home bakery, yet retain a warm, inviting and fun space to teach my baking classes, and to use as our own personal kitchen space too. If you’re interested in working with Christie, please let me know, and I’ll send you her contact information. Dale and I highly recommend her!

Since our last post, Dale and I have decided to take on this renovation ourselves! Crazy? Not really! As you know, having a contractor do all the work for any renovation project, doesn’t come cheap, as we soon found out! We will be able to save a little money by subcontracting ourselves, mainly the plumbing, drywall and the countertop installation. Our cabinets are being custom made by an Amish gentleman. We have Christie Thompson to thank for that referral! So, it’s no surprise that the three of us crossed paths! A baker handcrafting baked goods, an Amish gentleman handcrafting our cabinets, and an Interior Designer who has an innate passion for making beautiful spaces!

So, remember in my last post when I mentioned that our home bakery will be ready to open this fall? Well, we’re still hoping we can do that. But with a few little hiccups (good hiccups), such as doing the renovation ourselves, that will set us back. By the time our new appliances are installed, and the granite countertops ordered and installed, we’re looking at a tentative completion date mid to late September. After that, our double oven needs to go through some test bakes, and I need to do several run-throughs with setting up a manageable production schedule for myself.

We’ll post more home bakery updates as they occur. It will be pretty exciting to see the before and after pictures. The only thing I’m trying to prepare myself for, is being without a kitchen for the next five months! No baking! I’m going to go into a serious baking withdrawal!

Until our next post, have a great day, and hopefully spring weather will be here soon! Happy Baking!