All the old drywall has now been removed, and as you can tell from Dale’s picture, he’s happy that part is done!

It’s been a bit challenging keeping up with the dust. I’ve been doing my due diligence trying to keep up with the dust in the house. Dale did an amazing job installing ZipDoor barriers and covering the floor tile in our kitchen and entry way. But, dust still makes it’s way into all areas of the house, no matter how well you think you’ve sealed off the rooms. One has to have a bit of humor, so I just see the dust as a protective covering for our furniture!

As I stand here in our kitchen looking at the exposed walls, I have often wondered if these old walls in our house could talk, what stories would they tell? I imagine all the events that an old house like this has witnessed over the years. The birth of a child, death of a family member, celebrations, children playing, adults aging, etc. A house has four walls, but it’s the people who love and make it feel at home.

It’s good to have memories, both happy and sad, because at one time or another in our life, we may need to leave our home for one reason or another. We can’t take our house with us, but we can always take our memories with us, wherever we go.