Those of you who know Dale, you know that he is the most honest and even keeled guy you will ever meet, and yet quite the ham! Sometimes it’s quite the challenge to even get him to even take a straight faced picture! But then again, I would be pretty darn excited too, as we passed our 2nd inspection for the insulation and vapor barrier!

We have had quite a few people wanting to know when we’re going to officially open our ‘At Home Bakery?’ We are still shooting for later this fall, but because we had to push back a few weeks so Dale could take his time and get things right before the 1st inspection, that pushed back the drywall installers coming in to do their thing. We’re hoping they can start the week of July 23rd.

These are the ‘hiccups’ I was talking about early on when we started this project. If we have to push back the opening, that’s what we will do. One thing we’ve learned since starting our business, and finally getting to this point, is never rush anything! We’re just as anxious as many of you are, but this project needs to be done right! That would be like making a mediocre cupcake and selling it to just get it out the door! Dale and I have worked too hard to get where we are, so patience is one of many key elements to running any business.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, everyone! Until our next post, happy baking!