My inspiration today comes from a surprise magazine subscription to Cook’s Country that my mom gave to me last month. She knows how much I love looking at baking recipes not only in my large selection of cookbooks, but magazines too!

Chicken Pot Pie #2

After receiving my first issue last week and scanning through the magazine several times, I decided that yesterday was the perfect day to make Chicken Pot Pie! It was rainy and cold yesterday, so what better comfort food than a flaky pie crust filled with a savory filling to warm one’s tummy! It’s the kind of comfort food that takes you back in time.

OK, I know what you’re thinking! Why is Pam writing about a recipe that’s not about bread, cupcakes or something else sweet? Well making a pie crust falls in the category of baking. It’s the pie crust that intrigued me when I saw this recipe. Whether it’s a fruit or savory pie, it’s all about practicing and trying different techniques when making flaky pie crusts.

This crust is different than one would make for a fruit pie. It has sour cream and egg, but it really holds up nicely with the thick filling. And, since you’re still using all butter, you get all that amazing buttery crust flavor in every bite, with just the right amount of savory chicken filling that is thick and rich in flavor! I’m thinking next go around, I may try a roast beef filling, as I usually have leftover Sunday pot roast. Really, just use your imagination and try different variations of meat, or you could go meatless too, but that wouldn’t fly with Dale! Hands down, he’s a ‘meat and potato’ guy.

Since both our children are grown and have been out on their own for some time now, it’s just Dale and I at home, and we really don’t need a large 9-inch pot pie. I decided to use eight small ramekins, which I was lucky enough to buy at a monthly Saturday morning swap sale nearby!

The dough for this crust rolls out really easily and I was able to get eight 6-inch rounds for the bottom and sides of the ramekins and eight 4-inch rounds for the tops. I even had a few scraps left over. I guess if I had tapped into more of my creative side last night, I could have cut out some cute little decorations to place in top, but I think these mini pot pies look beautiful as is!

Since I’m not writing many recipes on my website these days, you may be able to purchase a copy of this issue at a local bookstore near you. I have even found gently used copies of past issues and Cook’s Country and Cook’s Illustrated magazines at St. Vincent de Paul, used book stores near me (Half Price Books and Frugal Muse), and even some garage sales! Going to your local library is another great way to look at different food magazines.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with recipes and try different techniques. I can’t even begin to tell you the mishaps I’ve had with baking, but those mishaps ended up resulting in the best tasting recipes! So go bake something amazing and have a great day!