We passed our first rough inspection last Thursday!

Dale has been one busy guy! Since we started the kitchen renovation, his days have consisted of working his regular job, and then coming home and putting in another 2-3 hours, in addition to the weekends. I think he’s lost at least 10 lbs. since he’s started this project! No worries . . . I always make sure he gets plenty to eat! Dale also knows when he needs to step away from the project to reENERGIZE! 

We have one more inspection to go next week, and hoping the drywall will begin mid-July. After the drywall is finished, I will begin painting all the rooms downstairs, all the same color – walls and ceiling! One thing I’ve learned through the years, is keep it simple!

I was getting a bit tired using our grill to cook, so I unpacked my little Nesco roaster and have been making quite a few meals in that lately. I even made some cheesy potato patties last night, and Dale loved those! I’m still not a fan of  making scrambled eggs in the microwave, but it works.

We pretty much have our suppliers locked in for our home bakery. A lot of my hours right now, are being spent sitting in my office chair working on our ‘Products’ page. You’re not able to see this feature yet, as it won’t go live until we are ready to open our home bakery. In between getting things done for the business, the outside work of mowing the lawn and gardening, and keeping up with all the dust inside, is keeping me pretty busy.

Other than that, our house is an organized indoor maze of pathways of getting to and from the downstairs to the upstairs.  We’ll have more pictures to share after the drywall and painting are done.

Enjoy the upcoming 4th of July, everyone! Until our next post, happy baking!